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BBQ TOFU is the nastiest thing I have ever tasted.  It didn’t even come close to resembling good ol’ NC barbeque……but then again anyone who thought it would is crazy.  You can’t top BBQ!  Enuff said. Advertisements

New Love


I have a new love…..I love cooking and trying new (meatless) foods—much to the shock and awe of my hubby!  I NEVER EVER cook.  I detest cooking.  I find it to be painfully tedious and messy and gross!  Mushing up hamburger meat and cutting through raw chicken makes my skin crawl—-but those are horrors of […]

I have good news and bad news.  Bad news first– I have lost my prayer journal!  I’m really upset about this.  I’m thinking it may have been packed up in one of the boxes full of office supplies that is now sitting in storage.  My prayer journal is now a prayer time capsule.  How neat […]

I’m not slacking on my posts already, I promise!  I’ve just been really busy unpacking and trying to find a place for all our stuff.  There are several things I have come to realize in this move:   1.  The Clementine babies have WAY TOO MANY toys.  2.  Mr. Clementine has WAY TOO MANY shoes.  He has […]

Work It Out


Working in a fitness center can cause you to develop a false sense of how much you actually workout since you are always at the gym.  Along with this false sense of working out, comes extra lbs, so as my own personal trainer I’ve stepped it up a notch and I am officially kicking butt.  I’m not the only […]

Just when you thought you knew me I go and flip the script on you!  Since the “big move”, I have made 2 life altering changes and they stem directly from being reunited with my very COUNTRY sister. Life Altering Change #1: I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC!  Shocking right?!  I would have never believed it either.  […]

The past 9 months has brought a lot of changes for the better—it has been the most difficult and trying 9 months of my life but it has brought so many wonderful changes and taught me so many life lessons that it has been well worth it.  For those of you who don’t know, in […]