Work It Out


Working in a fitness center can cause you to develop a false sense of how much you actually workout since you are always at the gym.  Along with this false sense of working out, comes extra lbs, so as my own personal trainer I’ve stepped it up a notch and I am officially kicking butt.  I’m not the only one kicking it up a notch—God has definitely taken my spiritual training up to a whole new level. 

Like I have mentioned before, the past 9 months have been filled with so much uncertainty about the road in front of me that at times I felt like I had hit the wall and couldn’t go one step further.  God has used this time to strengthen my faith and dependence on him.  I love this from Our Daily Bread Devotional; 

“faith is like a muscle, which must be exercised in order to become strong; just wishing cannot make it happen.  Christians are to believe God, not only for salvation but for everything. Rather than a spiritual “plateau,” faith is actually a process that involves increasing degrees of trust throughout life. Little faith hopes that God will do what He says; strong faith knows that He will; and great faith believes that He has already done it.”

Workout with God and let him strengthen that faith muscle!

     Jane Fonda Workout- You know you ♥ it!



2 Responses to “Work It Out”

  1. 1 Mom

    That’s my girl!! I’m so proud of you and your growth–kind of putting me to shame!! Love you!

  2. Haha you’re a goober, but good message! 😉

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