I could try to plan out 2010 and what I want to accomplish, but quite honestly it would be boring and way less cool than what God has planned for me in 2010!  But I do have some “filler” to occupy my time while I”m waiting on God’s plan:

1.  Cooper River Bridge Run March 27 Charleston, SC

2.  Buy a house

3.  Go on at least 2 family vacations—something we were unable to do last  year, since Mr. Clementine had to save his vacation days for job interviews! 

4.  Take a trip with Mr. Clementine for our anniversary!  Something we haven’t done since our honeymoon!

5.  Go crabbing in MD.

6.  Volunteer with a local charity on a regular basis.  God has given us so much, it is way past time to give to others!

7.  Learn to drive stick shift, so Mr. Clementine will get OFF my back!



What do you want to do in 2010?


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