I wrote this September 25th and never posted it.  I think in the excitement of  having my family back together again I forgot all about it (and my blog for that matter)!  But looking back over 2009, this story is probably the highlight of the year.  The “moral of the story” was definitely the thread that ran through my life in 2009.  Enjoy!


We finally sold our house !  It was supposed to be an eventful day in the sense that we were selling our first home and that we would finally be reunited with Mr. Clementine, but uneventful in the sense that it was suppose to be a very smooth, simple process of signing a few papers, handing over the keys, and driving back to our new city as a COMPLETE FAMILY.  Instead it turned out to be the day from H-E— A-V-E-N—you thought I was going to say something else didn’t you?  It actually was an incredibly trying day, but it also turned out to be a day full of God’s grace.  Let me begin from a few days earlier…..

On Saturday night I lost my wallet, which included my debit card, credit cards, social security card, and my license.  I have ordered new ones that should arrive any day now, but in the meantime I am without an ID and without any money.  Fast forward to the following Friday…the morning started out wonderfully.  The girls woke up in a good mood and we left the house on time, which rarely happens.  In the middle of nowhere, with no rhyme or reason, the car started shuttering violently.  I was about half a mile from an exit that I was familiar with and knew that it had an Auto Zone directly off the exit.  Struggling down the highway, my car made it into the Auto Zone parking lot, gave one last shutter and completely broke down as we coasted into a parking spot.  I was so thankful not to have broken down on the side of the road with my babies that I sat in my car and cried.  After a few minutes of crying, praying, and the eldest Clementine looking at me like “you have truely lost your mind”, I gathered myself together and went inside not knowing how I was going to pay for car repairs.  That’s where we met Corey, an Auto Zone employee and a true God send.  He determined that my car needed a new battery and a new alternator.  He offered to see if the parts were in stock and then call the repair shop down the road to see if they could tow and repair it for me.  He checked on the parts and determined they were in stock.  The parts were over $200!  I had $75 in cash and a blank check that would do me no good without I.D.  I told Corey that I didn’t have enough money and would have to wait for my husband to come get me.  He asked how far away he was and when I responded it would be 3-4 hours, Corey told me to hang on and that he’d be right back.  Corey returned with parts and tools in hand.  He offered to give me a discount on the parts and repair my car himself!  I almost broke down in tears again, but to keep from making this good ol’ country boy really uncomfortable I pulled it together and thanked him from the bottom of my heart.  He ended up only charging me $64!!  Within the hour we were on our way to our house for the very last time.  To keep us on the day’s timeline the real estate agent was kind enough to meet us at the house with the closing papers.  We signed and were off in a flash.  There was no time to linger in each room and say good bye to our first home (another blessing in disguise, because I was already in an emotinally unstable state), because on top of selling our house, Mr. Clementine had a job interview at 6 pm in our new city—3 hours away!  If it were not for Corey’s kindness, Mr. Clementine would have had to drive 60 minutes to pick us up, drive 60 minutes back to close on the house, return to Auto Zone and repair the car, and undoubtedly miss his interview—THE interview that LANDED HIM A JOB!  THANK YOU JESUS!  Mr. Clementine started his new job the following Thursday!  When we sold the house we were prepared for him to be without a job for quite awhile.  He was a bit disappointed that he only got 3 days “off” before starting his new job!  The moral of this story is when you have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, if you have GOD, you have ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!  He does provide!  I pray that Corey is blessed and that I may somehow bless others as drastically as he blessed me that day!

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I will never look at an auto parts store the same way again!





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