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I could try to plan out 2010 and what I want to accomplish, but quite honestly it would be boring and way less cool than what God has planned for me in 2010!  But I do have some “filler” to occupy my time while I”m waiting on God’s plan: 1.  Cooper River Bridge Run March […]



What a year!  I can’t believe that it is over!  2009 has been full of HUGE changes and challenges and I can say that EVERY one of them was worth it.  The biggest change was moving to our new city, that is soooo far away from a place that we loved so much, but had out grown.  […]

BBQ TOFU is the nastiest thing I have ever tasted.  It didn’t even come close to resembling good ol’ NC barbeque……but then again anyone who thought it would is crazy.  You can’t top BBQ!  Enuff said.

I’m not slacking on my posts already, I promise!  I’ve just been really busy unpacking and trying to find a place for all our stuff.  There are several things I have come to realize in this move:   1.  The Clementine babies have WAY TOO MANY toys.  2.  Mr. Clementine has WAY TOO MANY shoes.  He has […]

Just when you thought you knew me I go and flip the script on you!  Since the “big move”, I have made 2 life altering changes and they stem directly from being reunited with my very COUNTRY sister. Life Altering Change #1: I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC!  Shocking right?!  I would have never believed it either.  […]

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Dear friends, family, and a possible lurker or two- I’ve decided I wanted to start keeping a blog as a way to stay in touch with you, as well as a way to encourage you and share all the amazing ways God is working in my life.  I have been keeping a prayer journal since […]